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The new 2021 M&M’s Super Bowl ad features Dan Levy and a bunch of apologies. 
Levy is best known for playing David Rose in the CBC sitcom “Schitt’s Creek.” The spot, titled “Come Together,”  is meant to imitate the popular show’s modern humor tone. 
The spot features a variety of relatable “Wow, I really shouldn’t have done that” scenarios and the people in them choosing to make it better with a bag of M&M’S. There’s mansplaining, a botched gender reveal and a Karen, among others.
“I always try to take part in well-intentioned campaigns with brands that align with my sense of humor, so this ad was a perfect fit,” said Levy of his appearance in the spot. “One of the things I loved most about this campaign was the message about how something small – like sharing M&M’S – can help bring people together.”
The ad starts with a man on an airplane reaching out to the passenger in front of him, extending a bag of M&M’S while saying, “I feel bad for kicking your seat on purpose.”
Then it cuts to an office setting, where a man is handing a woman a bag of M&M’S as he says, “I’m sorry for mansplaining. Mansplaining is when a man…”
She cuts him off with, “I know what it is.” 
After that, the commercial cuts to a botched gender reveal party, where everyone is covered in blue powder. The mom-to-be turns to one of the guests, offers him a bag of M&M’S and says, “We should have told just you, it’s a boy.”
Then it cuts to a church, showing a man walking out of a confessional. He hands a bag of M&M’S to the priest inside and says, “I wish you didn’t have to hear all that.”
The next setting is an apartment complex lobby, where a brunette woman hands a blonde woman a pack of M&M’S and says, “Sorry I called you Karen.” 
The blonde responds, “That’s my name.” Then the brunette hands her another pack and says, “Sorry your name is Karen.”
And finally, the spot ends in a cafe, where Dan Levy sits across from the Green and Brown M&M’S
“I promise I will not eat any more of your friends,” he tells them. 
Green crosses her arms and asks, “Really?” 
Then they show Red locked in Levy’s car and Levy says, “Ok, it might happen one more time.”
The commercial marks the first time Dan Levy has appeared in a Super Bowl commercial. 
M&M’S is a fun and colorful brand – so tapping into that humor to help us laugh and feel more connected to each other felt very right this year,” said Sarah Long, chief marketing officer, Mars Wrigley North America. “Of course, having Dan bring his incredible talent and comedic wit only makes the story stronger. The new commercial is a great extension of our Mars Wrigley’s purpose to create better moments that make the world smile.”
The full 30-second spot will air during the first commercial break following the kickoff of Super Bowl LV, which will be broadcast on CBS on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021. This will be M&M’S sixth Super Bowl ad in the past decade.
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