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YouTube visitors may see more ads in the future as Google changed the terms of use on the site this week in regards to displaying video ads on videos that are not in the YouTube Partner Program.
Update: The changes affected publishers in the United States only up until now. Google started to inform publishers from other regions that the changes will be applied to their channels and videos as well starting July 2021. End
Publishers may join the YouTube Partner Program to enter a revenue share agreement with YouTube. The Google-company displays ads when a publisher’s videos are played on the site, and the creator gets some of the revenue in return for that.
Publishers need to meet certain requirements before they may sign-up for the YouTube Partner Program; currently, the requirement is to have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewed content over the past 12 month period.
Publishers who don’t sign-up for the YouTube Partner Program, either because they don’t meet the requirements or prefer that their videos are displayed without ads, provided viewers with an ad-free experience until now.
youtube video ads not partner program
The change, called “right to monetize” in the YouTube Terms of Service, gives YouTube the right to monetize content that is available on the platform without compensation.
You grant to YouTube the right to monetize your Content on the Service (and such monetization may include displaying ads on or within Content or charging users a fee for access). This Agreement does not entitle you to any payments. Starting November 18, 2020, any payments you may be entitled to receive from YouTube under any other agreement between you and YouTube (including for example payments under the YouTube Partner Program, Channel memberships or Super Chat) will be treated as royalties. If required by law, Google will withhold taxes from such payments.
Google plans to roll out ads on a “limited number of videos from channels” that are not in the YouTube Partner Program. Additionally, payments made from YouTube to U.S. creators will be considered “royalties” going forward. The change affects publishers from the United States only at this time but Google plans to expand this to other regions in 2021.
Advertisement won’t be displayed if a video or publisher is not advertiser-friendly in the eyes of YouTube. Advertiser-unfriendly content includes videos with violence, adult content, harmful or dangerous acts, inappropriate language, or controversial issues. Creators could add such topics to their videos to avoid advertisements.
The change affects small channels that don’t meet the partner program requirements yet and publishers who have made the deliberate decision not to join the program. While larger publishers may join the partner program to get at least some compensation for their efforts, small channels don’t even have that option. YouTube is earning 100% of the revenue without even allowing these channels to get a share of the money because of the artificial limits the company put in place previously.
Google is pushing more and more ads on YouTube; while desktop users and mobile users may block ads using ad-blockers, the same cannot be said for viewing YouTube on most TVs. YouTube displays advertisement before a video starts, even if it is only a minute or so long, and started to push in-video ads more aggressively as well that pause the actual video.
Now You: Do you use YouTube?
Yet another case of Google getting people hooked on their “free” services, only to change their terms and start forcing ads or payments on them.
Many great sites are out there without this nonsense, so I avoid doing anything with Google.
I understand how you feel. I never, ever, watch commercial TV. But there are several things that I use that are on Google websites. I rely on Google Maps. I look at the traffic conditions several times a day.
‘Google plans to roll out videos on a “limited number of videos from channels”‘
“The change affects small changes that don’t meet the partner program requirements”
You need coffee!
the web-extensions that I use to block ads have begun to falter, I have noticed that some ads have been making it through over the last few months
Can’t confirm with Brave (adblocking set to “Aggressive”) + uBlock Origin. Increase the number of adblocking lists you are subscribed to, as well.
Not getting ads on Youtube but Twitch is another story. They have been actively fighting uBlock and fixes (scripts, extensions) people have made to stop them. The last fix using a custom extension lasted about a week, most changes to ublock don’t last more than a day now.
Coincidentally, the DMCA has also been cracking down on streamers and publishers. Twitch is now perma-banning streamers for 3 DMCA strikes, whether they are intentional or not. Algorithms are mass prosecuting people for DMCA now, and in the case of Twitch you can’t even appeal. If a streamer is outside and a song plays, it is enough to trigger a DMCA strike. If a streamer plays a game and there is a copyrighted song in the game it triggers a DMCA strike!
Support the contentmakers instead of being aholes & dbags! How are they suppose to do any more content if they dont get any income or at least some of their income get lost. I htink twitch made good decision by making a dedicated desktop client , they should do the same perhaps and get rid of all adblockers.
Since when have posting videos on YouTube become your selfish right demanding an income, it seems some people have become TOO GREEDY (gotta earn millions… yeah, MSM have brainwashed people too much, everything is about superficial bling, big money and memememe…) and FORGOTTEN once upon a time when YouTube was young everyone were happy to be give a FREE video platform.
“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the advertisers.” Shakespeare. Seriously though, advertising is like a cancer on society. If advertisers could legally kick your door in, come into your house and scream advertising at the top of their lungs from inches in front of your face, they wouldn’t hesitate a second to do so. Advertising is like an insidious cancer on society that does little but degrade the quality of life for everybody.
Agree to a large degree. When ads start auto-playing on a website it’s an invasion of your privacy and intelligence imo. And of course they don’t stop there, if you scroll away from the stupid thing, they have a second ad pop up to counter that.
They wonder why people have such screwed up attention spans? Gazillions of ads that change screens every micro-second. Isn’t that brainwashing? How about news sites where you just START reading something and it auto-switches to the next in line. Doesn’t even give you time to read something. It’s like everyone’s hyper on speed or something. And this is supposed to be ‘cool’?
I watch YT all the time. Have Adguard and I never see any ads on YT.
I agree John C, I hate ads, but they give us a way to get rid of them. That’s the reason I rarely watch our fta channels, fox, nbc, etc and watch ad free cable, but wanting them not to exist because I can afford cable is stupid because there are people who can’t afford it. youtube is the same, there is a fta model and a paid model with no ads. i pay for yt premium and for twitch because i hate ads.
Youtube is a Google’s house, so they can shout there whatever they want. The real cancer of society is those who believe that they should be entertained for nothing.
No, the real cancer is a super-saturated overkill tsunami of advertising in media today. The obsession, numero uno bottom line, is money. But hey, you can always watch 24 hrs. of advertising for your ‘entertainment’ he he.
I don’t have a problem with advertising if it’s done in moderation, it’s only when it’s done to excess that I get frustrated with it. And YouTube has far too much advertising and interruptions.
Agreed wholeheartedly….
I TRIED to watch a movie on YouTube yesterday, but couldn’t get through it because every 5 minutes there were more ads popping up & interrupting the video. I saw a comment here somewhere that said they don’t watch TV anymore because of the outrageous oversaturation of advertisements. I am the same way, I NEVER watch Television anymore, mainly because you get to see 5 minutes of your show, interrupted by 10 – 15 minutes of commercials.
THAT is overboard, and truthfully, that extreme amount of advertisement makes me not want to buy their products, or shop at their store!!
any content that is published under the ‘non-commercial’ Creative Commons license is not compatible with YouTube’s Creative Commons license which only requires ‘attribution’, that means that content published under latter license can have ads in them (and hence be monetized), making to two aforementioned licenses incompatible (just to be clear, YouTube’s Creative Commons license has always been like this, I only just noticed that because I was interested in uploading ‘non-commercial’ Creative Commons work, I now realize that I will not be able to because it would violate the license)
>SponsorBlock + UBlock
No ads for me.
same for me. works perfectly – it’s heaven.
shame that the average FF user has no idea about such addons.
sadly I doubt the average NPC has even heard of ublock, never mind sponsorblock.
On your TV?
To quote Martin;
“…while desktop users and mobile users may block ads using ad-blockers, the same cannot be said for viewing YouTube on most TVs.”
Yes, its easy enough to block youtube ads on my desktop and phone but on my tv, thats a different story. Lately, I’ve been casting youtube from my phone to my tv simply to avoid the extremely irritating ads that pop up at seemingly random intervals when watching through the youtube app on the television.
Any known “fixes” for this problem yet? So far I’ve found none that work other than casting from an adblocked source.
You could try setting up Adguard DNS as the preferred DNS in your TV’s advanced Wifi settings. Works on my TV. It even works for the ad-sponsored “catch up apps” of the TV channels here – however for one of them blocking ads unfortunately also blocks the ability to pause, rewind or fast forward for some reason.
> On your TV?
Youtube Vanced if it’s an Android powered TV. If not…well, tough luck, shoulda known better before buying stuff with obscure operating systems.
Same with Brave + uBlock Origin.
ublock origin, not needed any more extension (for youtube ads).
(just only the right filter lists)
Please specify the correct filter lists so we can add and know!
Thanks for the hint about Sponsorblock. Let’s have some fun before Youtube becomes so politically censored that it’s fully idiotized and unusable.
I had never heard of sponsorblock. It does an outstanding job! Thanks for the comment!
You should be here more often 🙂
They’ll need to display more ads because they’re going to deplatform 90% of their uploaders.
SmartYouTube is an option for those with Android based TVs, it’s not without its bugs but works well enough.
I understand they need revenue but the frequency and placement of the ads has just become too obnoxious in recent months. YouTube premium is far too expensive as well.
i canceled spotify and with the money i saved from it i got yt premium, i have now ad free music like i had with spotify and youtube with no ads for 2 extra dollars a month. google needs to make a package of google one with everything like apple has done with apple one.
Noticed some YouTube ads getting through AdGuard and even uBO recently. The cat-and-mouse game continues.
Brave (adblocking set to “Aggressive”) + uBlock Origin works fine for me. As I said in another comment above, try to increase the number of lists you are subscribed to.
I am now at a point where I have to use NextDNS, Brave with aggressive settings, uBO with 3 additional filterlists, as well as JS disabled by default to browse the web in an efficient way.
But doing all of the above will result in having to click zero cookie notices, and seeing zero ads.
Does the built in ad blocking of Brave even matter when uBlock Origin is enabled?
Yeah, it does. For one, Brave’s adblocker can do CNAME uncloaking, which extensions like uBO cannot do under Chromium due to an extension API limitation. Brave’s internal adblocker is not an extension.
Also, Google plans to cripple adblocking extensions in the foreseeable future with Manifest V3, and again, Brave’s internal adblocker won’t be affected as it’s not an extension.
Hope this helps.
how about publishers and users starting to direct to vimeo? Having said that, I have not read the privacy policy of vimeo.
I don’t care much if zero ads that I see on YT doubles 🙂
But, yeah, Google is still a jerk.
More reason to hate ads, no tolerance
Google is simply among the host of companies who these days feel quite secure that the mass of people with buy anything that glitters and stand for anything that costs them nothing (or seems to.)
They’re not 100% right of course, but they have enough of the market not to give a damn.
“Creators could add such topics to their videos to avoid advertisements.”
I suppose starting all videos with a guy in Nazi attire singing “f… Google” would do the trick. No more ads.
I don’t watch too much on YouTube anymore. I think eventually you over saturate content vs ads to a point where people just don’t watch anymore. I am not surprised Google is doing this, after all their entire business model mostly survives on ad revenue.
get YouTube Premium without ads for $11 and that gets you YouTube Music ..problem solved.
and here’s why the ad push.
they know we’ll pay for no ads…..
Why would I pay for watching crappy homemade content?
if you have told me that a few years ago I would have to agree with you but now there is plenty of content way much better than before. And I am not talking about short homemade clips. And it’s worthy paying for it especially if you’re a music lover …you get YouTube Premium without ads plus YouTube Music…
YT doesn’t want your money. They want your brain. I almost half-considered maybe one day, when ubo failed (hasn’t yet, dev build)… but YT is losing content!
I’m straight up scraping videos I like to local drives, to have my own YT, and (like others) am having to go to bitchute (okay, a little weird but you can tailor it) and I guess I’ll make an account on library or libr.ry or whatever it is. I do NOT like this feeling of “being corralled” like yellow-starred people in WW2. But I also don’t like YT trying to shove CNN or whatever “news” down my throat, and it’s all “TV news” like NBC, Good Morning something, all that crap. Worst is, I don’t watch ANY news on freakin YT! None! Maybe a debate once, in the past, but really YT?!
YT doesn’t need the money. They’re deplatforming themselves basically with creators leaving (Hickok, that gun guy, left and came back, but I like a variety in between work, or studying. YT has chased the more interesting channels off, or those channels are talking about needing hand-outs.(
I think they picked the name GOOLAG for a reason. Oh yeah that’s right they’re Alphabet now. Like, Alpha Beth. Hebrew stuff. Some political crap is going on and the stupid DOJ should’ve split Goolag up eons ago but never did.
/going to go wallow in my evening coffee.
I was depressed today because my brain was creating problems for me instead of letting me set back and relax. I was feeling very bad and almost felt retarded. That was, until I read this comment of yours. You somehow, managed to wriggle a worse than dumb argument.
No wonder I started getting videos on each and every video every 10m
First they remove channels with low activity from YPP, thus also removing their ads.
Now they put ads back on those channels, except this time they cash in 100% of the revenue.
Let’s all leave YT.
A lot of my Youtube content is also available on Antennapod, so not really bothered.
Isn’t AntennaPod an open source Android app for podcasts?
Yes, I use YouTube, not frenetically but I do. I must recognize it is nowadays the video equivalent of the Great Library of Alexandria (none of us were born). Free but excessively expensive in terms of advertisement (forget the contradiction).
Personally I’m lucky enough to bypass the ads, thanks to uBO and the correct filters (no point in adding numerous filters if none handles a specific aim, in this case YT advertisement).
YouTube videos but mainly via Invidious servers with the help of the excellent ‘Privacy Redirect’ Firefox extension. Not all Invidious instances work correctly but if you find the right one as i did then all of YouTube videos are excellently rendered, even in 1080p and even via a dedicated Invidious proxy if you choose those options. For testing purposes I chose a DNS server which includes blocking all connections to Google and YouTube. Al : ‘DeCloudUs – Privacy DNS’. Well, Invidious (invidious.fdn.fr] in my case) displayed whatever redirected or not YT video as well as channels.
I open YouTube pages without redirection only for live videos which isn’t handled by any of the Invidious instances I’ve tried, at this time anyway. Otherwise, YT videos but not in their damned, hyper-coded, hyper-full’o’ads pages. Not to mention the time it takes given Google’s zeal to avoid updating — I don’t remember what the heck it’s called — code which makes YouTube access quick only on Chromium browsers: let them go to hell.
Even with uBO in Chromium, I still get all kinds of ads that I cannot disable.
What are these correct filters you mentioned.
@ Cookie Monster, because I’m not 100% sure of which of my uBO filters are the very essential ones that deliver me an ad-free YouTube experience, I’ve gathered the lists of uBO filters I use together with my own static and dynamic filters (those pertinent to YouTube : [https://controlc.com/37722b4a]
Hope that helps.
Excellent individualised uBO filters. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I didn’t see this mentioned, but don’t forget creators can be demonitized and then have YouTube monetize said videos for itself and not the creators. That’s the slimy part of this.
Those “soyrvers” are getting full of junk, day by day and are not going to pay by themselves…meh there are alternative sites but I’m sorry for all the rare videos that got uploaded on greedy Youtube with the passing of time, those where not uploaded on alternative sites and that’s sad!
Its time to lean off from all these big tech companies. Google, Microsoft, Apple… They are all scum bags.
After fighting with youtube with extensions for years, i finally gave up and couldn’t be happier. Created a google family for myself and two kids plus an account for the TV, pretty cheap for a monthly sub and no more ads, plus other benefits with the membership to google one.
All have ads, dailymotion, vimeo, twitch you name it. btw i have yt premium and pay for twitch too because i hate ads.
youtube is transitioning into a cable tv station, not interested in their bs political ideology either. There are plenty of alternatives, like Rumble. If everyone moves on youtube will be ‘left’ in the cold.
My blocker does a decent job, I don’t see the ad but I have to click on ‘skip ad’ to see video.
Hypocracy at its finest. It sucks and you still use it with an adblock. Why do you care then? If it doesn’t worth it move on or if it’s worth it pay. It’s not their fault you are poor and can’t afford it. Get a job.
They intentionally crippled the web direct request api for ads so the adblockers could not work properly. Then they are now pushing more ads through their networks. Why am I not surprised?
I always laugh at Youtube’s pathetic nags to get me to subscribe to TV service. I have had enough dealings with the TV industry, and I compare the way that the TV industry treats it’s customers to someone relentlessly whipping me. “I signed up for $40 a month and now I’m paying $120, all to watch 45% commercials!”
Whenever I see an ad asking me to subscribe to TV service, the same neurons in my brain fire that would probably be firing if it was someone that used to kick the **** out of me every day, asking me to come back and live with them again because they’ve “totally changed”, and they promise not to do that anymore.
My opinion of the video game industry is not much higher. “Before you can play a single player offline game by yourself, you must sign up for five online accounts so that we can steal and sell all of your personal information, and you must install six different launcher programs too, so that we can disable your games after taking your money!” Thanks just the same, I’d rather have a root canal.
Rarely watch youtube,and when i do i usually regret it.It can disappear for all i care so all those “content creators” can go and look for a real job.I know they dropped the standards of what a job these days is,but the utter idiots on there making videos and expecting to get paid for it is mindboggling.
clearly you don’t understand how the internet works and based on your comments I imagine not much else either.
I have a You Tube Channel, small, with arcane videos that rarely gets views beyond those I refer to it. My home page side bars are so junked up with crap I have no interest in, it’s very difficult to find the channel controls, the ones only someone logged in can view.
They can put ads in my vids that almost no one views and I’ll pull them all and close the channel; plenty of other streaming sites out there. I’ll gladly pay for a good one. With decades of computer usage and having been a site admin a few times, I despise phone culture and refuse to bow to it.
You Tube trys to provide mostly trash anyway. Unless you already know what you want to view, their search algorithms deliver a few close hits followed by unrelated and increasingly divergent vids. They take you where they make money, not where you want to go, no surprise there.
I see no ads anywhere on You Tube and have no issue at all pushing back at a company whose market cap is higher than the GDP of all but the top few countries on earth.
I don’t mind few ads, but I think that’s too much for all of us. So, in this scenario, I use YouTube Vanced modded YouTube app whenever I need to watch videos with my mobile phone. If anyone here is don’t want to be triggered by an ad that is unrelated to the content you searched for, then I urge you to try YouTube Vanced; it can provide numerous benefits free.
Blocking Ads On Your TV
Is pretty simple. I have a samsung 2021 Q80 series 85 inch TV and on rare occasions (when my PC had to be upgraded due to CPU issue) i had to use my Tv’s smart features to Access the internet. It isnt a great experience using your Tv to get online compared to the simplicity of a Computer but it works, something i would never do long term, but when you have no other option its better than nothing.
To remove Ads when usuing my TV and youtube App
You have to configure and Add (filtering specific Ad URLs) to your Modem/Router.
as well as a few other filters. Samsung TV’s for example.
By doing a Google search on (Blocking Ads on Smart Tv’s)
there are many websites that show you how to configure your Modem to Block Ads.
Once configured you can use Youtubes App and watch any other content on your Tv without Advertising, but you have to configure your modems settings with a filter list first. Thankfully theres plenty of resources online to help you tough the process.
Good luck.
For anyone using a PC desktop to get online, For a Completly Ad free internet, not to mention the privacy benifits. Brave Browser, Ublock Origin, Ghostery, and Privacy badger is a must have.
Blocking Ads On Your TV
I have a samsung 2021 Q80 series 85 inch TV and on rare occasions (when my PC had to be upgraded due to CPU issue) i had to use my Tv’s smart features to Access the internet. It isnt a great experience using your Tv to get online compared to the simplicity of a Computer but it works, something i would never do long term, but when you have no other option its better than nothing.
To remove Ads when usuing my TV and youtube App
You have to configure and Add (filtering specific Ad URLs) to your Modem/Router.
as well as a few other filters. Samsung TV’s for example.
By doing a Google search on (Blocking Ads on Smart Tv’s)
there are many websites that show you how to configure your Modem to Block Ads.
Once configured you can use Youtubes App and watch any other content on your Tv without Advertising, but you have to configure your modems settings with a filter list first. Thankfully theres plenty of resources online to help you tough the process.
Good luck.
I like how they think we are going to happily run out and buy shit after shoving all these ads down our throats….never going to happen ever
Either Youtube dropps the advertisements or people will move to LMG Floatplane and that will be that.

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