TitaniumPhysique | About Us

At TitaniumPhysique, we believe there needs to be an easier, better, affordable and sustainable way to help athletes who do weight training but struggle with muscle injury pain or tendonitis pain get relief quickly.nnWe created TitaniumPhysique for athletes, weight lifters, bodybuilders, gym-goers, and anyone who does weight training but struggle with muscle injury pain or […]


A very wise person told me years ago; “Know where you’re going or you’ll end up some where else!” nThese F.I.T.T. guidelines will come in very handy when embarking on a fitness journey whether you wanna lose weight, gain muscle, get more flexible, whatever…. FOLLOW THESE PRINCIPALS!! nF.I.I.T. PRINCIPALSnWhat EXACTLY are you wanting to achieve? […]

Alfa Fitness Trailer

Alfa Fitness is a small fitness studio in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. Don’t be fooled, our instructors, class formats and mentality is that of a true fighter! No matter what your fitness goals are, we have something for everyone. HardCore, Bootcamp, Zumba, Kickboxing, TrampoLean and so much more! New series are released monthly.

Sweaty Circuits

Get ready for an intense 45 minute total body workout with all the bells and whistles!! Cardio drills and strength combinations that involve some swinging, jumping, and balance. This is a HIGH ENERGY workout and you need some previous fitness experience to move at a fast pace with the HOME GIRL FITNESS HOME ATHLETE TEAM. […]

Older Adult Fitness

moderate pacengreat for beginners or older adult population nLet’s exercise together. Allow Marie to instruct you through a 60 minute workout that DOES NOT contain any jumping or cardio drills. This is a great workout if you are just returning to fitness after some time, need to avoid jumping, and enjoy a pace that is […]