A very wise person told me years ago; “Know where you’re going or you’ll end up some where else!” nThese F.I.T.T. guidelines will come in very handy when embarking on a fitness journey whether you wanna lose weight, gain muscle, get more flexible, whatever…. FOLLOW THESE PRINCIPALS!! nF.I.I.T. PRINCIPALSnWhat EXACTLY are you wanting to achieve? BE SPECIFIC. Surprisingly, So many people are not able to do this so I really hope this helps! nnFREQUENCY: If you are working out out every couple of months chances are your not getting the results your after.nTo get results you need at least 4-5 days a week whether it’s flexibility, strength gains or muscle building and fat loss AND a sound nutrition program.nINTENSITY: Are you putting all you got into each workout? Of course you will have days where you are not 100% but if these days outweigh the good days you should step back and evaluate your nutrition, recovery, sleep or lifestyle nnTIME: How much time are you putting into your workout? If you are training for a marathon you should probably run every day. If you want to gain muscle and get into a bodybuilding routine I would say 4-5 days a week. nnTYPE: What type of training are you doing? Try circuit training or we can use bodybuilding as an example. To gain muscle most of your workouts should be with weights making sure you hit each body part within a 24-48 hour period. nnA gazillion ways to design your program depending on what exactly you want to accomplish and your schedule. Remember recover plays a huge role as well as NUTRITION! ( I know. I already said that)nHope this helps you as you venture out to get into the best shape of your life and live your best life ever! nALWAYS REMEMBER TO..nHAVE FUN!  

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